Firstly. I’ve been bitten like crazy. I find it incredible seeing as I have only been here for less than twenty four hours. My legs are decorated in red blotches. So no, to update you lot on my colour: My top half is bright red, my middle half is pale and my bottom half resembles a pink spotted dalmatian. I just find it hilarious!

DisneyLand Hong Kong
DisneyLand Hong Kong

Moving on, today I revisited my childhood. We headed off to Disney Land Hong Kong. The sun was shining and I was armed with my 130 SPF suncream. It has been a beautifully sunny day and we’ve had a good bit of fun! It was about twenty five minutes away from Tim’s and we arrived early because the park opened at ten. Once we were through we went on the Grizzly Grunch Runaway Mine Train three times then went into a newly built part called Toy Story Land where we went on a ride which is a bit like the swinging ship we have in English theme parks but it was the race car from Toy Story. It was good but a bit too short. The second ride we went on was the Parachute ride linked to the little green soldiers in the first movie. This wasn’t worth the twenty minute wait but it was okay. The thing that stands out here is that sometimes you notice that Hong Kong has not got the efficiency of getting the next ride going in a time effective way. They faff around a bit unlike the British who put you on, take you round and kick you off. After that we went on a river cruise ride where they’ve built the land of Tarzan. It was okay but the guy who spoke to us to give us a tour used such a monotone it was painful. But the kids enjoyed it so that makes it worth it. We grabbed a spot of lunch and I had dim sum. I’m starting to get the feeling that I’ll take a while to go back to western food. I love the food here too much. After that we watched the parade which was boiiiiiling because it was in the midday sun. And the second last ride of the day was Space Mountain. I forgot how many sharp turns it had which made the ride double the fun. Then the kids ran around this part where there are loads of water fountains to cool themselves down. Whilst Tim and I sat down and chilled for a bit. The last ride of the day was Buzz Lightyear’s Astro-blaster which was pretty good. You shoot at targets with your laser gun. So that sums up our day at the wonder of Disneyland.

So I’m sitting on their sofa in the lounge now, relaxing for a moment. It’ll be a quiet night in because Tim’s elder children have gone to their mothers. We went swimming earlier which was really relaxing after six hours walking about Disneyland in the heat. I can’t wait to go to the ladies market at some point. (it’s a massive bustling market along the longest road in Hong Kong). I’m going to play with Alex now. He’s such a funny little kid. He calls me ‘Jojo/Dojo’. We can’t seem to convince him that my name is Georgie. I quite like it though.. having a wacky nickname that is.


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