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AuPair World
AuPair World

Last week I realised that if I was going to get another job to fill my gap of free time until mid-September, I might as well give being an au pair another shot. I signed back up to and prayed for a good family to come along. My luck had turned – I had two. One from Reus near Barcelona with older children (eleven and eighteen) and the other from Benálmadena near Málaga.

The first were lovely people – I didn’t get to meet the children over Skype – but the parents were chatty and friendly. However, I didn’t choose them. One reason was because I went with my gut feeling, but also because they appeared more serious. It appeared to be more like a business transaction rather than a really fun, happy experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it would not have been amazing, but my leap of faith can’t leap that far. Thus, I’m going back to a part of Spain that I love and have been to many many times since I was diddy. (Pictures above. Cute eh? Paha.) The parents are younger and they have two young girls aged ten and eleven. One of the major things that stood out to me was that they had energy, they seemed a bit passionate, eager and excited at the prospect of having a foreigner in their home. And I loved it when the mum said that when I’m with the girls we can go to the beach, pool, or we can cook, watch tv, arts and crafts… All these girly things that I used to (and still do..) love! This time I have something to bond on – we are females. I know that sounds bad. But I remember being able to get along with our female au pairs better than I did with the male. I have fonder memories because it was just more natural to bond. My brother was better with the boys. Because boys are boys. Harry is good at getting along with people splendidly anyway… But he still preferred having a guy au pair. (And I believe that’s what my previous family should have..)

Scott and I near Málaga when we were kids.
Scott and I near Málaga ..
Scott and I near Málaga when we were kids.
..when we were kids.

I am unbelievably excited to go. And I also have family friends a few miles away! (One features in the photos with me, sorry lovely!) So hopefully I’ll see them from time to time! So everything is looking up. I hope it stays up.



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