About Me

I thought I’d share random facts with you in order to get to know a little better! Also, I guess it is handy to know a bit about me to get a context of who writes all these insane posts if you don’t know me personally!

  • my birthday is on the fifteenth of june which means i am a gemini. and i’m a very good one.
  • my favourite colour is orange. it’s bold, bright and beautiful. (i want an orange car. not kidding.)i love to socialise, see friends, go out for meals and drinks, go and visit new places.. but most of the time my friends live too damned far away.
  • i have realised that my favourite animal is a panda because at christmas i was given so many panda related gifts. (and it is my priority when i go to china!)
  • i like to cook chinese food, take photographs of everything and play cricket and badminton.
  • i am definitely a spender rather than a saver..
  • i love kids. i want four when it’s the time is right.
  • i prefer the heat to the cold, so it’s rare you’ll find me on holiday in a freezing place!
  • my parents moved to Canada two years ago .. so that’s ruined my avoiding the cold weather…
  • i am very lucky with the amount of friends, family friends and family that I have.
  • if people ask me “where’s home for you then?” or a similar question that asks where I’m from, my answer now is the world. my travelling means I don’t have a permanent base. even so, my parents live on one side and I the other. my home is where my heart is. thus; as it’s in quite a few places, it is the world.
  • i love principe biscuits (you can buy them in France and Spain) – (who doesn’t?)
  • i have learnt i am rubbish at meeting new people because my voice somehow just stops working whenever I do.
  • i love photography and taking photos of most of the things I do, people I’m with and places I see. So if you ever see me with my camera, do understand that I will take a photo of you.
  • my favourite tv shows on this planet are Heartland, Once Upon a Time, Suits and New Girl.. (and FRIENDS! and How I Met Your Mother but those has finished 😥 )
  • I am very organised and like to have everything in it’s place. Some of my housemates will say I’ve got OCD for cleaning… I can’t help it!!
  • since i have been introduced (by mexican luis) the game ‘what would i prefer?’, i want to play it with everyone to get to know them so much better! (i am a nosey person hehe.)
  • I’m an windows/google person rather than apple even though I am now an owner of an iPhone and (regrettably) a Mac… *guilty*
  • i love love love birthdays. no matter if it is a “nothing special” birthday, i will celebrate. balloons, badges, cake… you name it. I will party on your behalf.
  • in the end, once the reasoning has been done, i have to follow what my instinct & heart tell me is the right thing to do. because more often than not, it’s for the right reasons that they’re telling me in the first place.
  • i can be terrible with technology. i still manage to have moments where i lose everything i have typed because i have temporarily lost signal, or the site has failed, or the world is against me (maybe not the last one..). and it’s an infuriating feeling where you can’t do anything – such as when you’re at a good happy point in sims 2/3 and your computer cuts out and you just gawp at the screen and at your luck – i should say bad luck.
  • i love things that make me laugh, humour about real life, daily situations where you think “is it just me?” or “not again…”. For insight of this, buzzfeed or 9gag are pretty good sources if you want to experience this form of entertainment !! Hahahah 😀
  • i love reading romantic fiction. since i started my year abroad, i have easily spent at least £40 on books off the kindle store. (Not all on these types of novels, but most…). If you’re into these too, a couple of authors I loved: Paige Toon(!!), Lindsey Kelk, Ruth Saberton & Lucy Diamond. 🙂
  • i believe in tarot card readings. i don’t live by them when i have them done, but i find they are enlightening in aspects of self growth, how to look at your life from a distance and learn to prepare for the unexpected better than you thought you did.
  • i am a chocoholic. period.
  • sadly i am lactose intolerant but I’m rather stubborn and need a chocolate fix from time to time which just messes up everything
  • china is the place i want to live in once i graduate and start building my life there.
  • i am an open book to those who i call my friends, i live with my heart on my sleeve.
  • i prefer honesty even if it could be painful or hard to take.
  • i am so good at planning however the execution isn’t always quite as brilliant.
  • before china i used to have quite a major fear of heights but am proud to say i have somewhat conquered them. (just don’t put be on the second elevator to climb to the top of the eiffel tower just yet….)
  • i used to be that kid who only ate apples and bananas but now i only don’t eat grapes and strawberries.
  • i prefer to send voice messages than written texts to my friends and family on whatsapp and other apps – you can express your emotions and say so much more than you would in a text. also, when you’re far from home, hearing a familiar voice is one of the best feelings in the world.
  • i am a night owl, not an early riser.
  • i am an athiest with regards to religion but i believe that there is some form of spritual world out there.
  • i apparently can change my plans entirely at the last minute (which i have seemed to do quite a lot during this year abroad!)